Palm Pre

While doing my morning reading, I came across this from a fellow geek blogger.

The Palm Pre implementation for Exchange ActiveSync mail is completely unsuited for enterprise companies. There is no support for remote wipe, enforcing password policies,etc. In fact, if you currently force the acceptance of these policies, you will not be able to download mail to your Pre without an exception.

We often get asked which phone to buy. For the most part we don’t have an opinion. Exceptions though have always been the Palm based phones. It’s very disappointing me to that even though they have finally adopted the windows platform that they have failed to implemented basic security.

These policies are implemented by default on your server. The purpose is to protect your contact list, files, pictures and your phone in general from being used by who ever might pick it up, in the event that you lose it or leave it behind somewhere. If your phone is gone permanently, we can remotely wipe everything off of it.

This isn’t to say that we can make this phone work, we can. But it won’t be safe and it will require some additional work on the server. With so many other choices, our recommendation would be to choose any other phone on the market.

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