The Virtues of OneNote

OneNote is to Note taking what Outlook is to email. There simply is no comparison to other programs. They don’t even come close. I thought I loved OneNote. I use it for business to keep notes on meetings and trainings I attend. I use it on my phone to track my grocery list and reminders. I use it to document my progress through a project so I don’t forget where I left off or what that temporary password was that I set or what that setting was I just made. But then I watched Parrish and he’s the biggest OneNote fan there is. He’s made steady progress at getting pretty much everything Harbor does out of Excel and into OneNote. So we’re big OneNote fans and here’s why you might want to become one too.

Here’s the quick commercial for OneNote


OneDrive notes are sharable and live editable. Meaning if I’m in the grocery store and another item is added to the list I see it immediately. If I check off an item everyone sees that I’ve got it. Boom!


Never used OneNote? Here’s an introductory course. It’ll show you the basics. Or we can do that with you and your whole team! Just ask.


It’s FREE! Not only for your PC, but for your Phone and Tablet and internet Browser too! FREE! It’s works all all OS brands and devices. If you are running Windows 10, then it’s already been installed for you.

If it’s not already installed on your computer, phone and tablet get that done today. If you need help let us know.

Get OneNote for free on all your devices


Windows Store

Windows Phone










OneNote is now integrated into your other applications too. Here’s a couple of highlights.


Send an email into OneNote. To do this I just compose an email and send it to and off it goes into the predetermined place I’ve chosen to put it.




Automate with IFTTT (If This Then That) connection to OneNote. There’s an IFTTT channel for OneNote with recipes already put together for you.



Connect OneNote to AutoCAD and have your notes stay with the drawing. If you save it into a shared location when everyone who opens that file will have access to the notes.



Office Lens is must have app whether you are using OneNote or not. With Office Lens you can use your phone like a scanner. Take a photo and it will crop it automatically, sharpen it and adjust the camera to take the best photo of a projected screen, white board or document. It then sends it to OneNote, OneDrive, Word, as photo and OCR’s it for you. So even if you just have a physical copy you can store it as a note.

From this —————————-to this automatically

onenote                  onenote


We love OneNote so ask us for a demo. We’re happy to show it to you and help you get started using this application that you probably already have installed and if not can get for free. You’ll want to install it on every device you have to truly unlock the power.

– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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