Updates for OneDrive Coming Soon

OneDrive is an excellent tool for storing and sharing documents but it’s been in need of some updates and now they are finally on the way.

1. A visual clue that a folder is shared with someone. It’s subtle but effective. Now you’ll see the two people icon next to the folder name if it is shared with others.  OneDrive

2. Share replaces Invite People. The Share command now sends shareable links by default rather than granting permissions to specific people like the old Invite people tab. This better matches user expectations that links sent in email can be forwarded to others by default. In other words, Share does the same thing as Copy link except it enables users to send the link immediately to recipients via email.

Screenshot of sharing dialog box showing a sharing link for people inside the organization.

3. A new OneDrive client will arrive with the Windows 10 update this fall. This new client controls the syncing with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. The applications still remain separate but this should relieve conflicts. It also provides some additional syncing options too.

Here we see that I have some of my OneDrive for Business account and 3 Sharepoint folder syncing with my computer. But notice the sizes of those folders.


When I look at them on my computer there’s a little cloud next to the files. This means that I’m only syncing the file names and ability to browse them from my computer but that the files actually reside in the cloud.


Not until I click on an item does it sync a copy to my computer. This is a big space saver! The cloud then changes to a green check inside an open circle. The little lock means that these files are read-only.


I can remove these sync’d files and go back to them only residing in the cloud when ever I want to by right clicking anywhere in my folders and choosing the Free up Space option. Then all of those items with green checks will be un-sync’d with my computer. This way I’m not carrying around files I don’t need offline.


However, if I want to make sure that I always have certain files available offline I can do that too. I just right click on it and choose Always keep on this device and then it won’t get purged.



Everyone is going to enjoy these new features. They bring SharePoint and OneDrive to you without the downside of loading up your hard drive with files you don’t need.


–Amy, president

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