Office for Home

A couple of people recently asked me where to buy Microsoft Office for their home computer. My stock answer is always CostCo or BestBuy because they will consistently have the best price on any random day.

But I wanted to point out an special advertisement that I got today from Amazon. Amazon usually has very good prices on most everything as well. Here it is:


Microsoft Home and Student edition is licensed in a unique way. It is limited to those computers that you have in your home and don’t use for business. (a laptop you use at work and home is counted as a work computer) As a reward though, it is licensed to load on 3 computers. So if you have 3 computers at home you only need to purchase 1 copy. Amazon doesn’t tell you that little juicy tidbit.

So if you have 3 computers, that’s $28.33 per computer for Microsoft office. You get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in this package. Not too shabby.

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