New Features in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

Microsoft has released updates for Word, Outlook and PowerPoint that lovers of these products are going to be excited to see. If you have Office 365 you’ll begin to see them come into your applications over the next couple of months. We have you on the delayed rollout so that updates like these have some time to be perfected before they arrive to you.


There are several new features in Word including research and reference automation, grammar and form assistance.So you will now see red squiggles for spelling issues and blue double underlines for grammar problems. When Word spots issues with your writing style, it’ll highlight those with a gold dotted line.

Here’s a short video to show you what it looks like:


Just like your full Outlook client has the new feature called Clutter, now your Outlook Web has a feature called Focus. Focus brings emails that are important to you into view and the rest go into another tab called Other. This means that it’s easier to see email you need to see on your mobile devices and not get distracted or miss important emails because they got buried.

Here’s a short video of what this looks like:


PowerPoint is one of those applications that you’re either a huge fan of or you’re not. But for presentations there really is nothing better. Microsoft has been doing a lot of improvements in this application lately. I’m particularly loving the one that arrived a couple of months back that offers to design my slide based upon the type of content that I’ve just added to it. It helps those of us less creative types look good. Smile 

This update is called Zoom and it let’s you put Zoom points into your presentation so you can Zoom to another point quickly and continue your presentation from there. So say you are making a sales call and you get to a point in your presentation where you could talk about your firms specific capabilities, or maybe the potential customer has a question about your design. You can make a Zoom point (like a fork in the road) and with one click you’re where you need to be and moving on with exactly what the client wanted to see without the fumbling around for the information.

Here’s a short video:


Frequent feature updates are one of the benefits that the Cloud brings to us so it’s nice to see Microsoft rolling them out on such a regular basis.

– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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