New Website Published

Our website was getting old and it had that old look. I was personally pretty proud of it because I built it myself and I’m no programmer. But it was time to let it go. A website should be updated every year and I had kept to that with minor updates but like anything technical you can only update for so long before it’s just time start over. So I jumped in with both feet and here’s what happened.

  1. I moved the website from our old hosting service to Azure. Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud service.
  2. I moved the DNS records to a new host too
  3. I moved the website from a custom build into a WordPress based site
  4. The new site has many fewer words than the previous site. I create all new graphics to accommodate the new reality that we are all much more visual than we used to be thanks to the Internet.
  5. I move our blog into the website


After all of that I let it sit for about 3 weeks and I didn’t look at it. This time was a critical part of the project. Taking the time to step away allows you to see the result with fresh eyes. This morning I made a few minor changes and did the final publishing.

Please enjoy the new website, read the blog and subscribe to our Facebook page!

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