New Facebook Scam in Your Email


This arrived in a friends email today. It looks just like a message from Facebook but it isn’t. How do you know? Hover your mouse and wait a second for the pop-up to appear that tells you where you are going to go if you click.

Above I hovered my mouse over the See Comment button and instead of I see That means that if I were to click I would be taken to a spoof website or an infected website that would download a trojan only my computer. Usually this is done to gather passwords for you account that they can later try at financial institutions or to gather personal information that can later be used to open a credit card in your name. To avoid this trap you should always hover to verify the destination before clicking anything.

Even better than hovering, just go to Facebook and read the comments there and delete the email. It always better to go to the source yourself.

be careful out there,

Amy Babinchak, Harbor Computer Services

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