New Appointments


As part of my continuing quest to bring the needs of Harbor’s clients to the attention of our vendors, I have recently been appointed to two advisory councils.

Storagecraft Marketing Advisory Council. Storagecraft produces backup software and recovery tools. This Council meets monthly online with top management to help them understand the challenges in the marketplace and to influence product development to meet those challenges.

Equus Partner Advisory Council. This Council meets quarterly online and once annually at the headquarters in Minnesota. Equus is the largest USA based manufacturer of Intel computers, laptops and servers. This Council meets with top management from all areas of the company to provide direct product feedback and direction on future development.

Both of these Councils are really sanity checks for the companies involved. It provides them an opportunity to reveal to us what they think their future plans are and us an opportunity to provide advanced knowledge on what our clients (and therfore the market in general) wants, needs and is expecting.

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