The Microsoft Store field trip

The Microsoft Store reached out to us to make contact with a local firm that specializes in small business IT services. They did this because they want your business. So we went on a field trip to discover what they have in the store that might be relevant to our clients. We’re meeting with them next week to secure some discounts for you.

All in all we were impressed with the hardware that the store has available for businesses and we’ll be able to set you up with an appointment for the business staff that will know what we’ve sent you over there to look at. It’s a completely separate set of staff than the consumer walking in the door will meet.

Here’s what we found:

Microsoft store

Well ok, we had a little bit of fun too. This is Al exploring a holographic world, undersea, walking through his own 3 dimensional drawing and of course fighting aliens. Could this have a business purpose? Maybe someday our architecture clients could walk their clients through a 3-d world where their building project is already complete. Or maybe our manufacturing clients can be in a 3-d virtual space where they get to fit their part into the larger project and work together with the other firms on the project. Time will tell but the answer is probably yes.

More to the immediate point, we of course saw the Surface and Dell laptops. The nice thing about getting from the store is that they come with Microsoft “gold” Windows Pro meaning they have no bloatware installed on them. Bloatware is all of that third party “free trial” software that just gets in the way when you buy a new computer at a regular retail outlet. This makes getting a laptop from the Microsoft store just like getting one from our direct distributors. Of course you still have to brave the mall.

We also explored the new HP phone, like the Microsoft phone it usesmicrosoft store Continuum which allows you to use your phone like a computer. Is it a laptop? No it’s a docking station. Plug in your phone and you’ve got a full size monitor, keyboard and mouse to use with your apps. Now that you’re phone has sharepoint, onedrive, and Office on it, it is very nearly a full mobile computer and that’s where the future of phones are headed. Very soon your phone is going to be the pocket processor for your “computer” and your “computer” will just be a dumb device. This technology is coming in hot.

microsoft storeWe also tested the Surface Hub. It’s a 55” or 84”, touch screen designed for presenting and holding meetings. It has two cameras that follow you around the room, built in speakers, runs Windows 10 with Skype for business and basically is the cats meow of video conferencing. The white boarding capability was particularly impressive.

We’re able to setup a demo for you. So let us know if you’d like to explore any of these technologies.

-Amy, president Harbor Computer Services



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