Microsoft MVP 2012

It seems like only yesterday I opened my email and with great surprise found that I had joined an elite group of IT professionals as a Microsoft MVP. But here it is 7 years already and this New Year’s day I again received that email from Microsoft. It doesn’t lose its appeal. If anything I think I would slip into mourning should that email not arrive. The MVP award has allowed me to meet and develop a wide technical network that spans the globe. It’s been a priceless experience to not only be recognized but to then be able to take your feedback to influence the next generation of products.

I’ll be headed to Redmond Washington for the annual gathering of MVP’s from all over the world in March. But that’s only just a tiny portion of what goes on. Monthly I meet with the development team in Shanghia for Small Business Server. We discuss the current version and plan for the next version. I don’t always get my way, because of Microsoft’s bigger corporate agenda but often times my input results in a new feature or a tweaked existing feature. I meet with several other product groups regularly as well and I’m on a bunch of mailing lists with my fellow MVP’s whose focus is small and medium business. It keeps me busy but is very rewarding. I do my very best to represent all of my clients to Microsoft at every opportunity. For this they continue to award me year after year and I am so thankful.


mvp 2012

As the independent voice of users worldwide, your influence on technical communities is felt in many ways—enhancing people’s lives and contributing to our industry’s success. We’re deeply grateful to you for sharing your feedback, comments, answers, and expertise with technical communities. In recognition of your commitment, Microsoft is pleased to honor you with the Most Valuable Professional Award. Thank you for empowering the community with your outstanding leadership!

Steven A. Ballmer
Chief Executive Officer
Microsoft Corporation

mvp 2012

Thank you for your exceptional contributions to technical communities! It gives us great pleasure to present you with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the technical expertise you generously provide to others. By sharing your knowledge, experience, and objective feedback, you inspire and help people to solve problems and discover new capabilities every day. We are honored to welcome you as a Microsoft MVP.

Rich Kaplan
Corporate Vice President
Customer and Partner Advocacy
Microsoft Corporation

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