How to do you make Cloud apps work together?

Making Cloud applications work together is one of the biggest problems today. Many businesses are finding that their selection of Cloud apps didn’t take into consideration all of the username, passwords not to mention that one Cloud app doesn’t know that the others exist.

There is a lot to consider when picking Cloud applications. Today we’ll look at username, passwords and sending things between apps.

Single Sign-On is a dream. You log in once, just like the old days and from then on you can just open anything you want to. It doesn’t work this way in the Cloud. Every application has it’s own username and password.

There are two (maybe 3) solutions to this problem

  1. Use Roboform to remember your usernames and passwords for you.
  2. Use a Portal to keep your most often used applications together and logged in
  3. Use a Cloud suite

Roboform: Roboform is a password remembering and generating tool. It will remember all of the usernames and passwords you use. You can access them from any device too. When you visit a website you to into your Roboform bookmarks, click the site you want and poof it goes there and logs you in all in the fell swoop.

There’s a business version of this tool too. So you can share usernames and passwords with other people in your company securely.

I have hundreds of online accounts. You’ll be surprised at how many you have too.

cloud apps

Use a Portal: The Office 365 suite comes with a single sign-on portal. Portals aren’t perfect because not every website will cooperate with single sign-on but more and more do. We can add and then publish them to everyone in your company so each persons portal doesn’t have to be created individually.

cloud apps

Use a Cloud Suite:  Just like Windows, Office and Servers were the base of most business networks, so too the Cloud needs a base. We think that Office 365 forms an excellent base. It comes with most of the functionality that everyone needs today and it all works together. Between Office, new Cloud only apps, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Skype business versions we find that it is taking the place of 5 or more separate cloud services that some of our clients were using. Since they all work together and integrate with your Apple or Windows devices it provides a solid foundation from which to build your Cloud infrastructure.

– Amy. President, Harbor Computer Services

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