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A couple of weeks ago I met with a company out of Clarkston, that provides Covid cleaning products. The one that caught my interest is the one that fogs a shop or open office area, because I know that this is a particularly difficult challenge for our clients. Nearly everything is high touch and there’s so much of it, it’s daunting to think of how to keep it disinfected. Further the areas are large so keeping the air clean without investing a huge amount of money in new air cleaning equipment is also a problem. That’s where this fogger comes in. You just run it after hours once a quarter. $99 covers a 3,000 sq ft area.

I’m not getting anything from this, other than moving another step closer to normality We’ve seen clients have to close operations temporarily and that’s very expensive compared to a little prevention.

Brian Foster | Entrepreneur (248) 672-1212 | Voice/Text – 24/7 Sanitize and Defend LLC

You can tell Brian that Amy Babinchak sent you. I told him that I’d be letting our clients know about his local business.

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