Introducing MultiPoint Server

We’ve been installing MultiPoint Server for select clients since late 2010. MultiPoint is a smaller terminal server, limited to 20 people per server but it also contains orchestration, enables work from anywhere from any device and the ability to use zero client stations.

Orchestration gives a manager the ability to see the desktop screens of workers, offer assistance, broadcast a presentation, have internal only instant messaging, and limit Internet access.

Zero Client workstations reduce the cost of in-house worker hardware from a typical $800 per workstation to $100-$300 each, depending on the applications being used by the individual.

Work from Any Device means that we can enable any type of device from Zero Client to Slate to Laptop to full Computer whether in or out of the office, whether owned by the business or owned by an individual. It’s the most flexible access to a server we’ve ever seen.

This week TechSoup a non-profit software distributor posted a blog highlighting the overall ROI of this product including energy savings. Microsoft claimed 63% reduction and this article claims 66% reduction.

But MultiPoint Server is a big secret for the most part. There has been no marketing campaign. It isn’t even listed with the rest of Microsoft’s servers. They only list it under Academic servers, completely missing the importance role that this server can play in small business.

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft hosted 20 people for a special training given by their own internal developers and support team and I was lucky enough to be one of those selected. This training makes us a premier firm for installing and supporting this product in a business environment. So if you hear us mention MultiPoint server please know that we’ve got experience with it, we’re uniquely trained and this thing can really bring big lasting benefits to your business.

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