Introducing Matt DeNoyer

I am pleased to welcome Matt DeNoyer to Harbor Computer Services. Matt started with us a little over a month ago now and has been making great strides in learning the high standards to which we adhere.

You may have met him already. He’s been shadowing Ted and Diana in their daily client visits. I have also been training him on performing maintenance, working remotely and becoming familiar with the range of products that you depend upon.

Matt comes from a manufacturing background, starting on the shop floor and moving into IT. He recently completed his degree. He’s the father of one with another expected to arrive in a couple of weeks.

He is ready to take on responsibility for your computer network and as such I will begin to assign some of our clients to him. We will have an orderly transition plan from your current consultant to Matt. Diana or Ted will work closely with him to make sure he is aware of the particulars of your network. If your support will be in transition I will send you a special email detailing the particulars, scheduling a meeting and providing Matt contact information to you. We will be working as a team to make the transitions smooth.

I appreciate everyone’s support of us during this growth phase.

A new Baby

Many of your have had an opportunity to meet our new technician, Matt. He’s been with us for about a month now. […]

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