How to use the Windows 10 night settings to avoid insomnia and read text better too

Windows 10 has added a new setting called Night Light. The purpose of it is reduce the amount of blue light emissions so that when you are using your computer just before bed that the light doesn’t cause your body to stay awake longer. Blue light is emitted by all screens and it’s the light that keeps your melatonin levels down during the day. At night you want them high so you get sleepy.

I also discovered another reason to use this feature. If like me you find yourself having to use reading glasses or computer glasses when you use your computer, Night Light setting, which filters out the blue light happens to be exactly what your ophthalmologist ordered. It will help you see text better.


You can turn on the night light setting when you need it by clicking on the Action Center icon and then the Night light button. You’ll see your screen go from bright white to a muted yellow tone.

night settings


If you don’t like the pre-selected color you change that by going into Settings on your computer and typing in Night Light. It will take you to the screen below. Here you can adjust to the color to your liking. More orange will have less of the blue light.

night settings


You can also schedule the night light setting to take effect automatically. I do this with my phone too, except that it turns Red between 10pm and 6am. On the phone it’s more of saving your night vision thing.


Notice that you can also set the hours that you like too, or just choose Sunset to sunrise.


It’s a little thing but the little things can make a big difference in how well you use your computer.


– Amy, president

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