Extreme IT Makeover Of Your Favorite Non-Profit

As a Microsoft MVP and a recent speaker on the Small Business Community Roadshow (13 cities around the Country – it was exhausting) I have been offered an opportunity to enter a local non-profit into an Extreme IT Makeover contest.

This is sponsored by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, who will supply the hardware and software. Harbor Computer Services will supply the labor. Over the next 12 months, there will be several opportunities to participate with specific criteria to be met. It should also be noted the Extreme Makeover will be used for promotional purposes and a professional video will be produced. It will be great exposure for the non-profit.

So here is the criteria this month.

This Extreme IT Makeover is First Server. The Not for Profit we are looking for is at the very starting phase with technology, they have no more than 10 users and there is no established network of the client computers.

In order to be eligible the nominated Not for Profit should be engaged in services for people, animals, the environment or education  and  they must also be  legally established as a charity in their country, for example a  501c in the US. We reserve the right to exclude Not for Profit’s that are political, religious or extremist in nature from this program.

If you have a relationship with a non-profit that matches this criteria and would like to introduce us, we will enter them and hope for the best! I am specifically looking for non-profits that you care about and has an existing relationship with. This isn’t a huge contest with thousands of entries. The only entrants will come from MVP’s like myself of which there are only 40 worldwide. So your non-profit will have an excellent chance at being selected.

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