Email and Website Problems Likely

Yesterday morning we noticed some problems with email delivery with a couple of our clients. The caused was determined to be unreachable DNS records. Many of you have your DNS records hosted with the largest DNS hosting solution, Network Solutions. Being the largest they are a favorite target but fortunately due to the redundant nature of their servers they are usually able to fend off the attacks. However the current attack is much more significant.

As a result we will see:

  • Email delayed or undeliverable
  • Websites that are unreachable

This problem can occur with your email or website or also with the person or company that you are trying to reach. There is not a thing that we can do about it, except wait. We are keeping an eye on the developments and if there comes a point where we feel that a move needs to be made we will do so.

Network Solutions has been keeping us informed of their progress in the fight against the hackers via twitter and facebook.

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