Electronic Recycling Program

We’ve been recycling your electronics since 2004. That’s 10 years! I kind of wish that we had kept track of the thousands of pounds of electronics and batteries that you’ve helped keep out of landfills and made those scarce resources available again as raw materials for new products. We make trips to the recycling companies almost weekly with good size car loads so I’m certain it’s a big, big number.

Here is a reminder of what can be recycled. We do have to charge a fee to cover our costs of processing, pickup and delivery. Our fee is $60 for pickup and $15 per hard drive destruction. We do not offer the option to not destroy your hard drives, so if you give us a hard drive to recycle it will be destroyed. Protecting your information is critical and we don’t trust anyone else do it. When you are ready to have items picked up, just let your technician know and arrangements will be made.

  • Desktop PCs & Workstations; Notebooks, Laptops & Tablet PCs
  • Monitors; LCD
  • Printers; Both Ink & Laser
  • Speakers, Keyboards, Mice & Scanners
  • Ink Cartridges New & Used (Please Bag Used Cartridges That Are Leaking)
  • Audio, Video & Projection Equipment
  • Stereo Receivers, Etc
  • Cameras; Both Old Style & Digital
  • PDAs & Cell Phones; Both Old Style & New “Smart Phones”
  • Business phones
  • Calculators, Desk & Handheld, Servers & External Hard Drives, routers, firewalls
  • All Drives; CD, DVD, hard & Floppy
  • All Cord/Wire; Computer, Electrical, Cable
  • Miscellaneous Electronic Small Items; Digital Picture Frames, Clocks,   
  • Personal Music Players & Video Games & their Systems

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