Cryptolocker and Adobe Compromise

Cryptolocker: Regarding yesterday’s post about Cryptolocker. We are working on developing a block for the installer of this virus. Currently we are testing it on our own computers. This block uses software restriction policies to prevent the executable files from running. We are testing (dogfooding) on ourselves to make sure that this block doesn’t interfere with other applications. If it goes well, then we will plan to implement this solution to all of your computers. If you would like to opt out of this security measure please let us know. We will start with those that we can reach via group policy from your server. Any computer that is not part of a domain will not have the policy applied and will need to be individually seen. If you do not have a server then your PC’s will have to be configured individually. If you have a computer that needs falls into this category please contact your technician to have them apply the security setting. We can do this work remotely.

Adobe:  As you may have heard Adobe’s accounts database was compromised. If you have ever purchased anything from Adobe then your account information including probably your credit card for reoccurring subscriptions is in the hands of the bad guys. While we don’t know what they will do with this information or whether you will be picked from the list of nearly 3 million that they have, we do know that you need to change your password on your Adobe account. Please make a point of doing that today.


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