Cortana Tracks Email and Phone Calls

Cortana tracksIn the latest version of Windows 10 Cortana gets some new useful features. You may recall that I highlighted some of her features in a recent blog post – 7 Things You’ll Love About Windows 10 But now she also tracks your flights, a mini version of your calendar and most importantly she’s also looking at what you’ve promised in eMail and offering to remind you to keep that promise.

As a person that gets 100’s of email a day, a dozen or more that I red flag to look at later, this feature is going to be great for me. I’ve been using Boomerang for this, which I wrote about in the blog post – Ways to Communicate Other Than Email but now that Cortana can do this natively I may no longer need that Outlook Add-in.

Life is complicated. I like having an assistant to help keep me on task.

Cortana TracksSpeaking of staying on task, I’m really not a phone person. It’s 125 year old technology from a bygone era and there are far too many sales calls. If I let that interrupt me all the time I wouldn’t get anything accomplished. However, with my new Windows 10 phone, Cortana lets me know when someone calls me and offers me the option to Text a reply or Ignore. This message pops up on my computer. If I Ignore, Cortana remembers that and won’t bug me anymore when that number calls me. I can keep my phone far away from me and still know if I gotten an important call.

Cortana just keeps adding features and is really becoming that personal assistant that so many of us need. I find myself relying on her more and more.

I really love that everything on my laptop is also available on my phone. It helps a great deal to keep my life in sync.

– Amy

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