Considering Buying New Phones or Phone Service? We can do that.

Phones, phone systems (PBX) have changed dramatically and we’ve been watching carefully. Phone systems have changed from the blackbox that hangs on the wall that you never touch into true computers that operate on the network on the same Ethernet cable as your computer.

Computers are our expertise, which is why we’ve been watching carefully. We’ve also been busy building relationships with key hardware vendors and voice line suppliers. The phone business has become the computer business and we’re ready to supply these services for you.

As we have done with computers, servers and software, we have selected the vendors and service suppliers that were willing to develop close relationships with us and our clients. We look for partners that not only supply hardware and services to small/mid businesses but ones that are interested in developing a deep relationship with us so that we can support you better while helping them to develop better and better products for our customers. It’s a trademark of Harbor Computer Services and we’re approaching the Phone system vendors with the very same expectations.

We’ve connected with several partners: Cisco, TelNet, Verizon, Sprint, CallTower, UltraCom and Unified. We have selected products from within the set that these companies offer for specific attributes so that we can customize the telephony solution to your needs.

There are a few things you should know about new phone systems:

  • They need good computer cabling
  • They cost about 1/3 of what phone systems used to cost
  • They last about 1/2 as long
  • They are integrated with your Internet service
  • They can integrate with your mobile phones too
  • They are loaded with features
  • They are computers and do require some maintenance

Thinking of phones as computers is a new idea for most people, but if you buy a new phone today it is a computer. The industry has shifted. Phones are now playing in our ballpark and we’re ready to go to bat for you.

When you’re ready to talk about phone replacement or updating your phone service let us know and we’ll bring the best folks to the table for you.

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