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Ransomware in the news

It seems that the writers of WannaCry named their ransomware variant correctly. It certainly hit some areas hard and the media fed the storm. The writers of this software made a significant flaw and it was discovered quickly but still they will earn over $40 million from this infection   […]

Protecting you from ransomware

We started protecting you from ransomware in 2013 and yet recently in the news they make it sound like it’s something new that businesses should be addressing. Frustrating. We’re so low key about this that you might not even know what ransomware is. It’s a criminal activity whereby the bad […]

Another Scam and Ransomware Alert

The SCAM: I hate to have to report this but another person succumbed to the fake Microsoft support call. Please remember, Microsoft will not call you – ever. No security company will call you – ever. Don’t fall for it. You’ll end up with an infected computer and a stolen […]