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Files in the Cloud

Finding Your Files in Microsoft 365

Moving from a system with a physical server to a system in the cloud is an adjustment for everyone. Most applications are now hosted in the cloud, and fewer and fewer applications require you to save files to your physical drives. This allows for accessing your data from multiple locations. […]

Learn New Shortcuts in Office 365!

It’s November, a time for family, food, hoodies, cuddling up in a warm blanket, but most of all, it’s a time for gratefulness. Here at Harbor Computer Services, we are grateful for many things, most of all, YOU, our customers! But there are plenty more things that we are grateful […]

Managing Out Of Office Messages

Out of Office Messages (OOF) have grown up. Not everyone has noticed so here’s a little refresher. We now have OOF that gets sent to people inside your company and separate ones that get sent to people outside of your company. You can also turn OOF on and off using […]