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Search Engine Ranking

There are new ways in which search engines are ranking their results. One of these is by the number of reviews that readers have posted. I thought that we should give this a try. We can then report the results to you and if they are good, you can do […]

Back on the old phone number

Nothing like a little bit of chaos on Monday morning. We are back on our old phone number: 248-850-8616 Someone over at Comcast heard my pleas of “why oh why do we have to switch phone numbers when our office moves 5 miles”. After getting settled in with our new […]

Free Software

I have some Not For Resale software available. These are only available to our contract clients. First come, first serve. Virtual Server 2005 Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition Visio Professional 2003 System Management Server 2003 Plus pack for Windows XP If you would like one of these please let […]

New Office Phone Number

The move to the new office is pretty much complete. There’s the bar to build yet, boxes to unpack…but we have desks, Internet access, carpeting, computers, printers and phones so it’s a real working office at this point. In this move we discovered some Interesting things. We learned a lot […]

Office 2010 Technical Preview

We’re engaged in the technical preview of Office 2010. It’s obviously scheduled for release sometime next year. This technical preview is a little different for us, in that it’s not NDA. It has been released to only a few people but we’re allowed to talk about it. It’s a nice […]

Add Video Content to Your Website, not YouTube

This morning Warrillow has a very interesting post about video. Market research shows that business customers trust the video on your website more than video on YouTube. In fact, they’ll watch it 21% more often. Fortunately posting video to your website isn’t difficult. In fact, YouTube makes it easy by […]

Presentation: Understanding Social Media

Thanks for all for responding in the positive. I have scheduled this event for next Thursday at Noon. In this presentation, I will not be demonstrating how to use Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan pages, LinkedIn and Blogs but rather I will show how other businesses are using social media and […]

I-75 Fire

Harbor Computer Services was affected by the fire on I-75 last night. Our servers and other network equipment still reside in Hazel Park. After the bridge collapsed last night, I got a call from our monitoring service letting me know that the server was unreachable. Sure enough. Power is out. […]

Understanding Social Networking

I’m thinking about doing a short webinar on social networking. From talking to people that have attended a conference session, chamber of commerce event or webinar on this topic I’m hearing that the audience left confused or unclear about why they should care about social networking for their business. I […]