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We won another award

Harbor Computer Services has been getting a lot of attention lately. I’m not aware that we’ve changed anything, we just seem to be getting noticed. 2009 Microsoft regional VAR Growth Award 2010 World-wide Small Business Specialist of the Year Just now: At the SMBNation conference I was awarded SBSer of […]

Windows SmartPhone Nov 7th

Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows Smart Phone. It’s been a long time since they last updated their phone software. So will it be worth buying? After reviewing it today, my recommendation is yes, if you use it for business purposes. The new Windows phone implements the […]

What’s new in Office 2010: PowerPoint

Although there are more components of Office like InfoPath, Sharepoint Workspace and Sharepoint Designer, Access, Project and Visio this will be our last installment. I’m happy to share information with you about these applications for those who want them. Contact me and I’ll send them to you. PowerPoint has transformed […]