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Windows Home Server…not just for houses

Last year Microsoft released a new product called Windows Home Server. We saw the potential immediately for this really cool new mini-server and offered it to solve some immediate problems for a few our smaller clients. Here’s what Windows Home Server can do for businesses: Provide a place to store […]

HCS Wins MS Partner Award

Today we were informed that Microsoft has chosen to recognize us for our outstanding growth in the last quarter of 2008. Everyone here pulled together to make that happen and it was certainly a lot of work. Congratulations!! Harbor Computer Service is being recognized as the winner of the Heartland […]

The Dell Outlet

Shopping at outlet stores is an excellent way to save money and the Dell Outlet is no exception. You never know what’s going to be there, there are no custom builds and if you don’t buy it right now it’ll be gone in 15 minutes but you’ll save about 30% […]

Alert: Conflicker and AntiVirus2009

There are currently 2 nasty infections going around for which we have just implemented an additional security measure to protect you from. Conflicker is a worm. A worm travels from computer to computer and infection occurs without intervention from the user. This worm takes advantage of machines that are  not […]

“the cloud is broken”

To steal a phrase, “the cloud is broken”. Or rather it was broken yesterday…all day. We’ve been users of Quickbooks Online edition since its release back in 2002, I think. When I called in a couple of days ago to add another company to our account, the rep said “wow, […]

Go Green!

Being an MSU grad I love to say that, especially if there are UoM people around. Even better if they are football fans. :) But this is a discussion about saving money. We’re going to have lots of these this year. The kick off was in December when I let […]

Blackberry Storm

Rarely do we come out and say, don’t do this. But this case we need to make an exception. The exception is Blackberry. While they make a great Enterprise phone solution and a pretty darn good single phone solution, they really don’t have a good small business solution. They have […]

Teaching at Baker College

I will be teaching a course a Baker College in Auburn Hills this winter in ISA. In addition to the prescribed curriculum I intend to bring real world experience into the classroom. So students will learn not just the what, but also why and when to apply a particular security […]

SBS 2008 Certification — Accomplishments

Ted, Diana and Amy have received confirmation that they have all passed the SBS 2008 technical certification exam. This marks an accomplishment whose journey started 2 years ago with the first Alpha release of SBS 2008. How was Harbor Computer Services involved in the development of SBS 2008? Actively participated […]

Yesterday We Got A Call

Yesterday we got a call from our partner rep at Microsoft. She was calling to assess the impact of the rain, wind and flooding we enjoyed from Hurricane Ike. She was calling to check on our clients. Make sure everything was OK. Make sure that there wasn’t some help we […]