Another Scam and Ransomware Alert

The SCAM: I hate to have to report this but another person succumbed to the fake Microsoft support call. Please remember, Microsoft will not call you – ever. No security company will call you – ever. Don’t fall for it. You’ll end up with an infected computer and a stolen identity.

Here’s the blog post that I sent on this topic previously. Be on the Lookout for Scams Please take a moment to read it again. It is important that you protect yourself from these bad actors.

Another Ransomware Alert: I have written about this before too. Ransomware Prevention Additions But there’s a new even more diabolical version out now. They have figured out how to embed the encryption application into a Word document and also into PDF documents. These documents will show up as attachments to emails. If you open the infected file, any document you have access to gets encrypted. Further they are also now targeting backup files and have the ability to search the network for them. It just keeps getting uglier so please, please be very cautious before clicking any link or opening any file that is sent to you. Verify with the person sending it what it is before you open. We don’t have a ready solution to prevent this infection from taking hold if you get it through this method. 

So now for a bit of good news. I’ll send another post in a couple of days announcing a new “free” security training program that we’re going to be giving you a copy of. It is designed to help your staff be safer computer users. Ted and I took the course and thought it would be very worthwhile for everyone so we purchased one for each of our clients. More on that coming soon.

– Amy



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