Small Tech Notes

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Two important messages

On Tuesday you received a quite messed up blog post email from me. It was two combined into one email and the video’s I promised were missing. I think that MailChimp the service that we use for delivery must have been having a bad day because the blog posts themselves […]

Office 365 Updates

Each month Microsoft releases new updates to Office 365. I keep an eye on those for you and periodically gather them into a blogpost when there are some interesting and significant ones. Here’s a run down of what I think you’ll find useful. OneDrive Hovercard. The File Hover Card quickly displays […]

Emergency update

Intel, the maker of computer processors, has been made aware of a major flaw in their processors and emergency patches are being released to address the issue. The flaw exposes data in virtual memory. All computers use virtual memory today. As this is a kernel level issue there are several […]